Red Circle Solar Ground Storage Tank

This system comprises an evacuated tube solar array coupled with ground mounted tanks in 200 litre, 300 and 400 litre sizes.



This system comprises an evacuated tube solar array coupled with ground mounted tanks in 200 litre, 300 and 400 litre sizes.


Available in 10 tube, 20 tube, 24 tube, and 30 tube manifold options.

Heat pipe manifolds are used to absorb and then transfer heat from the sun into a pressurised storage tank.


Tanks are available in no coil, single coil or double coil configuration.

Tank sizes available in 200ltr, 300ltr, 400ltr and 500ltr.

Key benefits to the Red Circle Solar stainless steel storage tanks are:

  • Sacrificial anodes come standard.
  • rubber feet to keep tank of the ground to eliminate the bottom of the tank from rusting.
  • 25mm ports to increase application options.
  • 3 x sensor ports.
  • 2.4KW-4.8KW electric element boosting options.
  • 25mm Stainless steel heat exchange coil options.
  • Drain port.
  • Ring main return port.

Red Circle Split System Brochure

  • The manifold features ‘dry tubes’ with heat pipes. These heat pipes are copper rods which collect energy from the sunlight and transfer the heat to heat exchange bulbs located in the manifold.
  • The controller for the system turns on a pump which circulates water from the storage tank through the manifold, this water is heated as it passes through the manifold and the heated water returns back to the storage tank.
  • Option of either a 240 volt or 12 volt solar powered pump and controller.
  • Red Circle Solar manifolds include a powder-coated stainless steel frame that can be mounted at a 0-degree or 40 degree pitch to allow systems to be set up for maximum efficiency.
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on tubes, frame and manifold.
  • Red Circle Solar manifolds are available in 10, 20, 24, 30, and 60 tube arrays.

Stainless steel mains pressure tank features
• 200L (no coil) 300L (no coil) 400L (1 coil) 500L (1 coil)
• Twin coil tanks available on request (special orders)
• 304 stainless steel inner tank, painted steel outer tank
• 50mm polyurethane foam insulation
• All tanks come with multiple ports for a variety of applications
• 25mm sacrificial magnesium anode is included in all tanks
• Coil tanks contain 304 stainless steel coils, the length of the coil varies
to suit the capacity of the tank and position of the coil
• Curved inlet and outlet pipes ensure hot water is taken from the very
top of the tank and cold water is injected at the very bottom. This
maximises the tanks performance
• Optional electrical element (2.4kW or 3.6kW)
• Australian Watermark and Australian Standards approved