Pyrox Hot Water

(now Rheem Hot Water)

These systems are obsolete and unobtainable. Please contact SA Hot Water for an energy efficient alternative.

SA Hot water is your local  specialist for Pyrox Hot water systems. We can repair and service all models of Pyrox hot water systems. Call today on 8444 7320 to see how we can assist.

Pyrox manufactured a range of Gas Hot Water Systems, primarily the:

Topliner 250 & 325 external models, capable of delivering up to 10 litres per minute and the Pyrox Mag 125, 250 & 325 internal gas hot water systems delivering up to 16 litres per minute. Product Brochure

Pyrox was a popular manufacturer of gas hot water systems around 25 years ago, with many units installed.  Rheem has since taken over the brand and incorporated into the Rheem range, Rheem have their own continuous flow range of hot water units.

Some parts are still available for the Pyrox instantaneous heaters, and our gas hot water technicians may be able to repair your unit, please call 8444 7320
Service manual

Repair or Replace?

However due to their age, it is worth considering whether it is economically viable to repair the unit or spending that little bit extra and replacing it with a current model with a long warranty; especially as newer gas hot water systems such as the Bosch range have a between a 5 and 6 star energy efficiency rating compared to the Pyrox unit which would have been around a 3 star energy rating.

Topliner 400 Details:

  • LIKE A SINK HEATER – The Topliner 400 will deliver 3.2 litres per minute of hot water at 55°C— – USING JUST ENOUGH GAS.
  • LIKE A BATH HEATER – The Topliner 400 will deliver 6 litres per minute of hot water at 55°C” – USING ABOUT 60% OF ITS TOTAL GAS INPUT.
  • LIKE A FULL HOT WATER SERVICE – The Topliner 400 will deliver up to a generous 10 litres per minute of hot water, that’s 600 litres per hour of water at 55°C— – USING ITS TOTAL GAS INPUT. You only pay for the water you use – you can’t run out.
  • NO FLOOR SPACE NEEDED: Connect to an outside wall.
  • PYROX HOT WATER EFFICIENCY: At least 15%* better than Australian Gas Association minimum performance standards.
  • FLEXIBLE LOCATION: Your Topliner 400 can usually be sited close to the most used draw off points. This reduces energy wastage through long pipe runs.
  • SUMMER/WINTER CONTROL: Allows for modulation at temperature rise selected, between 25°C and 50°C.
  • CONTROLLED WATER FLOW: Hot water is delivered to draw off taps at usable and economical levels. This contrasts with wasteful gushing deliveries experienced with some other forms of water heaters, especially with young children on the end of a tap.
  • LOOKS GOOD: Let Topliner, the neatest, most compact external gas hot water service in Australia, enhance the appearance of your home. It’s worth the small additional cost.
  • Are any additional flue components needed – NO Q. Does it need a concrete slab base – NO
  • Does it need floor space – NO
Nominal Input MJ/hr
125 250 325 250 325
41 85 110 76 110
Hot water           25°C rise

Flow Rate

litres/min.          50°C      rise

5.0 10.0 13.0 10.0 13.0
2.5 5.0 6.5 5.0 6.5
Water Inlet 1/2″ BSP 1/2″ BSP 1/2″ BSP 1/2″ BSP 1/2″ BSP
Flue (dia) mm 90 110 130 N/A N/A
DIMENSIONS                  Height

(inc. Draught Diverter)

615 730 850 864 1062
Width 280 352 422 395 460
Depth 170 265 265 287 287


Input 134MJ/hr (126,800 BTU)

Hot Water Output 7.5-16 litres/min raised 25°C

3.75-8 litres/min raised 50°C Height 1105mm Width 545mm Depth 287mm Connections Gas Inlet 3/4″BSP Water 1/2″BSP

Protective heat shield available for installations on combustible surfaces.

Technical Information



  1. Turn the gas control knob anticlockwise. past the ON position, hold in this position.
  2. Light pilot (operate igniter. Z model).
  3. Hold control knob for 30 seconds then release. The control knob should return to the ON position with the pilot established.
  4. If the pilot is not established repeat the procedure. Wait 60 seconds before relighting to allow the safety latch to release.
  5. Turn on a remote hot water tap, the main burner should ignite.
  6. Turn off the remote hot water tap and the main burner should extinguish, the pilot should remain lit.

Product Brochure

Service manual

Technical Information

Pyrox Topliner hot water
Pyrox valiant hot water system
Pyrox Valiant Internal Hot Water System