Product Overview

HydroPower Ignition is exclusive to Bosch. HydroPower uses the energy created by water flow to ignite the burner and begin the heating process.

The unit only starts when a hot water tap is opened. Once hot water is no longer needed, the unit turns itself off.

  1. Water enters the Hydro Dynamic Generator hydro1
  2. The turbine spins with water flow
  3. A spark is generated by the turbine
  4. The spark ignites the main burner
  5. The water continues on to the heat exchanger and is heated
How a Bosch HydroPower unit works

External HydroPower

External HydroPower models are perfect for a constant, reliable supply of hot water. The HydroPower ignition provides endless hot water at the flick of a tap, without the need of power point.


  • LPG models are particularly popular in country areas, where reticulated gas is not available and there is no external power point.
  • They are able to operate in relatively low water pressure areas and in low temperature regions of Australia and New Zealand using Bosch accessories. Economical
  • Only heating water when required by the user, the Bosch range is extremely economical to run.

Internal HydroPower

Limited space need not mean limited hot
water. The Bosch range of internal hot water
heaters are created specifically to go places
where storage units will not, and will provide
endless hot water.
· Operable without a power point
· Compact design
· Flexible connections
· Caters for a wide range of applications and
· Only heating water when required by the
user, the Bosch range is extremely
economical to run.

Product Manual

Operating Instructions

After installation, purge all water and gas pipes before operating.
Adjust appliance with only one tap operating.

Starting and shutting off the appliance


To switch the appliance on, turn the on/off switch to position “1”
To shut off the appliance, turn the on/off switch to position “0”


Green light on = Main burner on
Green light off = Main burner off
Red light flashing: Fault Indication

Output control


Water Flow Adjustment


Turn anti-clockwise Water flow increases, temperature diminishes
Turn clockwise Water flow decreases, temperature increases.

If the appliance does not operate, burns with yellow flame, leaks water or a gas smellis evident, turn off and contact the local gas authority, the manufacturer or anauthorised service person.

Freezing Weather
In areas where the atmospheric temperature may drop below 0°C the heater may be
drained to prevent damage by expansion of freezing water. For appliances installed in locations where the temperature falls below 0°C and not less than -2°C for brief periods, the installation of an EXOGEL expansion valve, part number H707 060 151, will minimise the possibility of damage to the appliance.
This water heater MUST NOT be installed in areas where the temperature remains
below 0°C for extended periods.
CAUTION: It is recommended that for sanitary fixtures used
primarily for the purpose of personal hygiene that a temperature
control device be fitted (such as a tempering valve) as per

Trouble Shooting

Symptom Possible Cause Solution
Appliance does not light Switch turned off
Hydrogenerator Jammed
Low Water Flow
Turn switch on
Clean hydrogenerator
Increase water flow >3.5
litres per minute
Smell of gas Gas Leak Locate leak with soap
Low burner flame, water
does not heat up.
Low inlet gas pressure
Low burner pressure
Low water flow
Check supply regulator
and pipe size.
Check appliance regulator
Check water flow rate
Move slide control to high
Low water temperature Water flow selector in
warm position
Low Gas pressure
Cross connection
Set flow rate to individual
Check gas pressure
Disconnect hot outlet with
cold off.
Low water flow Low water pressure
Blocked water valve
Blocked shower rose or
tap aerator
Check and adjust
Clean filter


Care and Servicing of the Unit
We recommend that the appliance be inspected and cleaned by an authorised
person periodically, depending on the frequency and duration of its operation, but
never less than once in a two year period.