How to Save Money on Hot Water Systems

Because hot water systems are one of the biggest expenses for Adelaide homes, for high consumption of energy, and the constant increase in energy prices, many Adelaide households require the installation of a more efficient hot water system. The team of professionals at SA Hot Water™ Adelaide advise on the advantages and options in choosing a more cost effective hot water system.

SA Hot Water™ in Adelaide have a range of highly efficient systems for heating water in your home and decreasing your energy bills up to 80%,  when your home hot water system is properly installed. Our recommendations include a low consumption electric hot water system and low emission systems like solar hot water, to the high efficiency of gas hot water systems.

The right hot water system for Adelaide homes

Hot Water Installation – Fast Same Day Service

Best Hot Water Prices Adelaide, includes hot water system plus installation.

  • Electric Hot Water from $990*
  • Gas Hot Water from $1450*
  • Solar Hot Water from $3495*
  • Heat Pump Hot Water from $3190*

SA Hot Water can replace your existing hot water FAST with a new energy efficient system.

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* electric from $990 is based on 50 Litre Electric hot water system installed in a like for like replacement –no allowance for electrician , Gas Systems from $1450 based on Bosch 16Pro like for like replacement –no allowance for electrical and solar from $3495 based on Leda 340 Like for Like replacement –No allowance for electrical-after STC rebate ,Heat Pump from $3190 based on Bosch compress 3000 like for like replacement –No allowance for electrical –after STC rebate

  • Prices may change without notice due to rebates and manufacturers offers – please call our office for current pricing
  • Service area is Adelaide Metro
  • Same day service is subject to availability of service technicians and time of incoming call
  • This offer ends May 2018

Gas Hot Water Adelaide:

It could be storage gas hot water or instantaneous gas hot water, both of them provide an unlimited supply of water. Gas hot water systems have lower upfront costs than solar or heat pump hot water systems and you have many options of natural gas hot water brands including Bosch hot water systems, Rheem hot systems, and Rinnai hot water systems all available in Adelaide.

The advantages of Gas hot water are that it saves energy, low operating cost, reduced risks due to power problems, space saving, durable, safe, and has a life span of 10 to 15 years.

Electric Hot Water Adelaide:

This is generally an Immersion element type electric hot water system which runs on the normal domestic and Off Peak tariff electricity supply, and when run, via  off peak it is a more economical system for heating water.  Adelaide Hot Water can offer substantial rebates when changing an existing electric hot water service to a 5 star natural gas hot water system.

Solar Hot Water Adelaide:

This can substantially reduce your energy bill. In some cases these savings can be more than $300 per year, solar hot water systems of the brands Bosch, Rheem, Rinnai and Edwards can be provided by SA Hot Water™ in Adelaide.

Solar Hot water systems produce little or no harmful greenhouse gas emissions, and can provide up to 90% of your total hot water requirements depending on climate conditions and model of heater installed.

Whilst the initial cost and installation of a solar water heater is higher than electric or gas water heaters, the savings made on your energy bills will compensate for this over time.

There are also a range of hot water rebates available in Adelaide to help reduce the initial cost of installation.