Everdure Hot Water

These systems are obsolete and unobtainable. Please contact SA Hot Water for an energy efficient alternative.


SA Hot water is Adelaide’s specialist for Everdure Hot water systems. We can repair and service all models of Everdure hot water systems. Call today on 8444 7320 to see how we can assist.

Everdure made a range of instant gas hot water systems, primarily the Econogas range, available in both externally mounted and internal models.  They were a popular choice for Adelaide households and many are still in service today. However, due to their age, they are starting to become unreliable. SA Hot Water™ is here for all your Everdure hot water servicing requirements.

Our Fully qualified and insured plumbers carry a range of replacement parts and can advise on suitable replacement models should it not be economically viable to repair your faulty hot water service.

Everdure promised:


Imagine continuous hot water, instantly at the turn of a tap, at a temperature you select. That’s what you get with an Everdure Gas Hot Water System.

The SD210 (Skyliner Deluxe & Internal) is ideal for use in homes, change rooms, shops, factories, caravan parks and high rise buildings. In fact, almost anywhere.

The SD210 is a safe and reliable long-lasting unit. Everdure Gas Hot Water Systems are made in Australia, carry a 12 month extended warranty and are approved by the Australian Gas Association.

  1. Stainless Steel burner — long lasting never rusts.
  2. Simple Piezo Ignition, simple and safe to operate — no need for matches.
  3. Control the temperature and flow of hot water easily by simply turning a control knob.
  4. Gas supply automatically cuts out should the pilot light go out.
  5. Can be placed close to major draw off area.
  6. Hot-Hot water at your finger tips
  • Everdure Gas Hot Water Systems provide a continuous supply of hot, hot water — up to 600 litres per hour, every hour!
  • Are ideal for almost any sized family — small, medium or large.
  • Have a longer life expectancy than most other hot water systems.
  • Do not require flow restrictors in the shower rose.
  • Are easily installed and simple to operate.



Gas and water h” B.S.P.

Gas Input


Hot Water Output

10 litres/min. raised 250C

5 litres/min. raised 500C

Minimum operating flow 3 litres/min.

Water Operating Pressure

50 Kpa. min. to 1000 Kpa. max.

Note. Low pressure model available working from 2 metre header tank (on request)

Skyliner External Intemal
Height  920mm Height 720mm
Width 350mm Width  340mm
Depth  280mm Depth  265mm

Everdure Hot Water Brochure

Technical manual

Everdure external hot water system
Everdure external hot water system
Everdure internal hot water system
Everdure internal hot water system