These systems are obsolete and unobtainable. Please contact SA Hot Water for an energy efficient alternative.

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Chaffoteaux made a range of continuous flow gas  hot water systems. The Bayard range was a continuous flow, hot water-on-demand range and was a popular choice for Adelaide households and many are still in service today. They were available in both externally mounted and internal models. However, due to their age, they are starting to need replacement or repair. SA Hot Water™ is here for all your Chaffoteaux hot water servicing requirements.

Our Fully qualified and insured plumbers carry a range of replacement parts and can advise on suitable replacement models should it not be economically viable to repair your faulty hot water service.

The Bayard 10BFE/13BFE model was an outdoor mounted unit capable of delivering 10 or 13 litres per minute.

The Bayard 10BF was an internal “under the sink” model and the Bayard 13CF/10CF was a flued model, internally situated but using the outside air via a flue.


With water flow and gas rate controls at maximum settings;

10 CFPV, 10 litres per minute, 25°C temperature rise.

13 CFPV, 13 litres per minute, 25°( temperature rise.

With gas rate control at maximum setting and water flow rate control at minimum setting;

10 CFPV, 5 litres per minute, 50°( temperature rise.

13 CFPV, 6.5 litres per minute, 50°( temperature rise.



When the gas control knob is in the OFF position ) there will be no gas flow into the gas section of the unit.

By rotating the knob anti – clockwise through the ignition position ( ·) the integral piezo will operate and generate a spark between the electrode and the pilot head. Simultaneously the pilot valve and the thermo – electric valve will be pushed open, allowing gas to flow into the gas section chamber and to the pilot head. (The pilot should light; if not, repeat the operation) (Fig.1).

After the pilot is lit (knob in PILOT position * the knob can be released and the pilot will stay alight. Allow 15 seconds for the thermo – electric valve to energise before rotating the knob.

By rotating the control knob further anti clockwise, the gas control side valve will gradually open; and on reaching the MAXIMUM position (?) (Fig.2) be fully open. By rotating this knob between maximum and minimum ( -‘ ) the gas rate to the burner can be varied.

By turning on a hot water tap, the main gas valve (water diaphragm operated) will open and allow gas to the main burner.

The water flow through the unit can be controlled by the water control knob situated beneath the gas control knob (Fig.3).


Should the gas control knob be left in the PILOT position and the pilot extinguished, pilot gas will continue to flow from the pilot head. The knob should not be left in the pilot position. For extended OFF periods the knob should be returned to the OFF position.

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