How Heat Pumps work

A heat pump is a bit like a reverse air conditioner. It transfers the heat from the air outside to the water stored inside the hot water heater through a heat exchange system. In the case of heat pumps, “heat” is a relative term as they work even in very cold conditions at least -10 degrees C, so you will still have plenty of hot water  during the chilly winter nights.

Heat pumps are a very energy efficient type of hot water system, approximately three times more efficient than conventional electric hot water systems.

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Value for money
After sales
Ease of use
Capacity Litres315280270325250
Manufacturer LocationAustralia -JapanChinaChinaAustraliaChina
Tank Warranty15 years 5 years 5 years5 years 5 years
H/P Compressor6 Years2 years 2 years2 years 2 years
Tank Type316 Stainless SteelMild steel with enamel glazingMild steel with enamel glazingMild steel with enamel glazingMild steel with enamel glazing
Noise Level37db48db43dbNot Available51 db
STC Rebate Value x $rate3328272726
Connect to off Peak YESNOYESNONO
Back up elementNot necessaryYES when below 5cYES as backup YES when below 5cYES
Boost capacity315 Litres all the time100 Litres100 Litres180 Litres100 Litres
RefrigerantR744 (CO2)R134a R134 R134 R134
Heat Pump Operating-10 to +43°C+5 to +43°C+3 to +40°C+5 to +45°C+5 to +45°C
Energy Savings 80%60%60%65%60%
Heat Input Heat Pump.84 KW.78 kw.6 Kw.8Kw1.2 Kw
Heat Input elementNon - Not required1.5 Kw - 3 Kw1.5 Kw3.6 Kw3 Kw
Anode Replacement Non - Not requiredYes, every 2-3 years
Yes, every 2-3 yearsYes, every 2-3 yearsYes, every 2-3 years

Sanden Heat Pumps

Sanden Heat Pump Range

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Bosch Heat Pump

Bosch Compress 3000 Heat Pump

Bosch Compress 3000 Heat

Bosch Compress 3000 Heat Pump

The Bosch Compress 3000 is a 270 litre Air to Water heat pump which was developed in Europe converting the same reliable technology used in refrigerators to extract heat from the air and transfer it into the water.


The Bosch Compress 3000 air-to-water heat pump water heater represents the very pinnacle of energy efficient water heating innovation.

Its multiple award-winning technology uses the same principle as a refrigerator, but in reverse – extracting heat from the air, transferring it into the water.

Having been developed and manufactured in Europe, the Compress 3000 is well suited to the Australian market as it operates from -7°C to 40°C – ideal for any Australian location. That means you’ll always have hot water, even if it’s below freezing outside.

The Compress 3000 is also highly energy efficient – using 65% less energy than conventional electric storage hot water systems. So the money you’ll save on energy bills makes the Compress 3000 a great long-term investment.

    • Highly efficient heat pump – reduces energy use by up to 65%
    • Eligible for generous government rebates
    • Smart Controls to take advantage of:
    • Cheaper overnight power prices
    • PV Solar energy generation systems
    • Noise Reduction Mode
    • Designed for easy and low-cost install and servicing
    • The heat pump operates from -7°C to 40°C, delivering energy efficient hot water even in colder climates

Technical Manual

Bosch Product Code 7736501960
Heat Pump operating temperatures oC -7oC / +40oC
Total operating temperatures oC -10oC / +50oC
Outlet Water temperature oC 60oC – 65oC
Storage capacity (L) 270
Max Water Relief Pressure (kPa) 1000
Max Water Supply Pressure (kPa) 800
COP* 3.3
Heat Pump
Heat Pump Max input (kW) 0.6
Max Current (A) 2.6
Heat Pump heating capacity (kW) 1.5
Back Up Electric Element
Heat input (kW) 1.65
Total Max current (A) 7.2
Maximum Combined Total
Heating capacity (kW) 3.15
Maximum input 2.25
Maximum Current @ 230V (A) 9.8
Net empty weight (kg) 130
Refrigeration type/ Mass (kg) R134a/0.375
Domestic Warranty
Parts & Labour 2 Years
Tank (Part Only) 5 Years



Quantum Heat Pumps

Quantum Compact Range

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Quantum Hybrid Range

Quantum Hybrid Heat Pumps, Platinum Range

  • Available in 270l-340l models
  • Save up to 75% in energy

As the innovators and experts of Solar heat pump technology, Quantum has the largest range available in Australia – enabling you to select the right solution for the right application. By upgrading to a Quantum Heat Pump you will save you thousands of dollars in electricty bills throughout the life of the system. It will provide you and your family with low cost, reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly hot water.

  • Available in 270l-340l models
  • Save up to 75% in energy

The Quantum Solar Heat Pump works on a patented reverse refrigeration process. Think of it like a fridge but in reverse…. Instead of making everything inside cold – we make everything inside hot!

  1. SUN HEATS THE AIR – This is where the solar energy is initially created, but the air doesn’t actually need to be warm for a Quantum to extract heat from it. In fact we can extract enough heat from the air to produce hot water, even if the air temperature is -10°C.
  2. ENERGISED AIR INDUCTED INTO HEAT PUMP – As the air is drawn into the system, we utilise a refrigeration process to separate and extract the heat from the air.
  3. ENERGY TRANSFERRED TO HEAT COLD WATER – This heat energy is then transferred to the water using our patented Tank Wrap Technology®. This process heats the entire tank from the outside in, using just a fraction of electricity compared to conventional heating methods!
  4. COLD AIR EXPELLED – As the heat has been extracted from the air and transferred to the water, the resulting cold air is discharged from the heat pump via the fan. This process continues until the water in the storage tank reaches the desired temperature.


The Quantum Platinum Hybrid Heat Pump is a unique modular water heater offering enhanced product and performance capabilities.

Installing a Platinum Hybrid system is also very simple and almost identical to installing a regular electric hot water system. There are no roof panels or additional components, meaning an easy, trouble-free conversion from electric hot water to sustainable and reliable solar hot water for your home.

With a two piece design, the tank module is installed just like any other conventional electric hot water system – and even has an active heating element to provide you with immediate hot water.

However, unlike a conventional electric hot water system; once the heat pump module is attached, the active element is automatically disabled and the system converts to a fully functioning Solar Heat Pump. In this mode, our Platinum Hybrid Heat Pump will provide you with significant environmental benefits whilst also saving you thousands of dollars on your water heating costs.

In any period of maintenance or service, our active heating element can be re-enaged by simply disconnecting the heat pump module, meaning it is capable of providing you and your family with emergency water, and peace of mind, whenever you need it most.

  • Available in 270l-340l models
  • Save up to 75% in energy
  • High solar efficiency – without sunlight
  • Brushed aluminium & stainless steel styling
  • Emergency heating element
  • 4 Year heat pump warranty
  • Quick and easy immediate installation
  • 7 year tank warranty
  • Ultra quiet – only 48db

Quantum Electric Heat Pumps on SALE NOW!

Change over your conventional electric hot water system and Save up to 2/3rds on your running costs with this new technology!

Massive rebates of up to $1800 available!

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