Vulcan Freeloader

These systems are obsolete and unobtainable. Please contact SA Hot Water for an energy efficient alternative.

SA Hot water is your local  specialist for Vulcan Hot water systems. We can repair and service all models of Vulcan hot water systems. Call today on 8444 7320 to see how we can assist.

Vulcan made (and still make) a range of gas storage hot water systems. The Freeloader range, available in 120L, 145L and 185 litre sizes was a popular choice for Adelaide households and many are still in service today. However, due to their age, they are starting to need replacement or repair. SA Hot Water™ is here for all your Vulcan hot water servicing requirements.

Our Fully qualified and insured plumbers carry a range of replacement parts and can advise on suitable replacement models should it not be economically viable to repair your faulty hot water service.

The Freeloader promised:

  • Australian made
  • Ten year cylinder warranty
  • 73 days free hot water
  • Colorbond exterior
  • Twin anodes & double-bonded ceramic cylinder increases life expectancy of the unit
  • The Super 10 exceeds all Australian Gas Association standards
  • Over 50 years manufacturing in Australia.

From the Freeloader brochure:

Freeloader gets you in more hot water  than ever before.

More steaming hot showers. More deep, foaming baths. And much less money going down the drain.
That’s the kind of hot water everyone should get into.
And that’s exactly the kind Freeloader Gas Water Heaters give you. Australia’s top selling gas high efficiency water heater.
More hot water – for much less. Well over 20% less*, in fact. Which means you get at least 73 days free steaming hot water -every year.

The pressure’s on.

Freeloader never lets up. Thanks to its mains pressure full flow connection, your hot water supply is as constant and as powerful as the cold water.

Unique heat exchanger turns competitors  upside down.

And no wonder. With our revolutionary “up/down” heat exchanger and no central flue to reduce water storage capacity. Freeloader actually uses less gas to heat more water.
Because our heat exchanger is much larger than those used by conventional units, more heat is transferred to the water.
Up goes the temperature. Down go your costs. A fair exchange indeed.”

However these units are starting to show their age. If yours is playing up give Adelaide’s hot water experts SA Hot Water a call on 8444 7320

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Vulcan Freeloader recessed
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