Red Circle Solar 250l Roof Tank

  • Wood fired boosted.
  • Electric element boosted. 2.4KW
  • Gas instantaneous boosted. 65 deg or 50 deg booster can be used.


250 ltr with 30 evacuated tubes.

  • Low pressure stainless tank with a high pressure heat exchange coil.

The water in the storage tank is separate to the water used at the tap. When hot water is needed, cold water inters the submerged 30 mtr x 14mm copper heat exchange coil which runs down the centre of the tank and extracts the heat from the stored water instantly and exits the tank hot. Having a low pressure tank means that the system can be connected to a wood fire booster and also elevates the issue of a  PTR valve dumping heat from the tank once it reaches 100Deg C. The excess energy is vented to atmosphere via a open 3/4” fitting.

  • “Wet tubes” use the sun’s energy to directly heat the water in the tubes.

The tubes are full of water and sealed to the storage tank using a triple silicon O-ring. The sun heats the water in the tubes directly then thermosyphons into the storage tank. No need for pumps or controllers.

Evacuated tube information.

  • Ideal for Wet backs/Wood Heaters.

To connect a wood fire with a wet back or any wood boiler, the tank must be open to atmosphere. A fire is an unregulated heat source and can not be under pressure. The close coupled system have flow and return ports built into the tank so a wood fire can be directly connected without the use of an external heat exchanger.

  • Great flexibility for boosting options.

Wood fire boosted.

Electric element boosted. 2.4KW

Gas instantaneous boosted. 65 deg or 50 deg booster can be used.

Pre heat system to either an existing electric or gas storage system.

  • Suitable for high frost areas

The evacuated tubes are frost resistant to Negative 30 Deg C.

  • 10 year manufacturers warranty on tanks frames and tubes.

Red Circle Boosting Options

The tubes are filled with water and the heat uses a thermosiphon to transfer the heat into the storage tank.

This system can be directly connected to a wood boiler or wet back system as the tank is low pressure. No need for expensive heat exchangers.

The tank is a low pressure open vented storage tank with a high pressure heat exchanger coil to deliver pressurised hot water to the taps.

Easy installation.

Comes with either a 15 Degree frame for pitched roofs or a 45 deg frame for flat roofs.

2.4KW Electric element fitted as standard.

Can be used as a pre heat to either an existing tank or an instant gas booster.

30 evacuated tubes can produce 2.4KW of heat in direct sunlight.