Rinnai Prestige, Flat Plate Systems

Rinnai Prestige Flat Plate Solar Hot Water Systems. 10 year tank warranty!

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Flat Plate Solar Systems consist of a ground mounted storage tank that is installed separately to the collectors mounted on the roof. A small pump circulates the water from the cylinder through to the collectors to absorb the maximum available solar energy.

Solar Collectors mounted on the roof absorb the energy from the sun and heat cooler water that flows through pipes just beneath the surface.



Storage capacity Booster No Of Excelsior Collectors Frost protection kit available No of Bedrooms
System B 250L S20 2 1 to 3
System C 250L S26 2 3 to 4
System D 315L S26 2 3 or more
System E 315L S26 3 3 or more
System FM 250L 3.6 kW 2 1 to 3
System GM 315L 3.6 kW 2 3 or more
System HM 315L 3.6 kW 3 3 or more

 Enduro collectors MUST be used in cyclone regions (wind region C according to AS/NZS1170.2:2011) in conjunction with our cyclone frame.

Contact  SA Hot Water™ for more information.


  • 250 or 315 litre capacity storage
  • Electric boost or continuous flow gas boost configurations
  • Minimal impact on the aesthetics of your roofline
  • No need to reinforce the roof structure
  • Excelsior collectors offering TiNOX technology absorb the maximum available solar energy
  • Available with a frost protection kit for temperatures down to -6°C
  • Collectors and tanks manufactured in Australia
  • No sacrificial anode is required which saves on maintenance costs
  • Warranty is 10 years on the tanks and 7 years on the collectors