Rinnai Builders Range


These units are highly energy efficient, only heating water as it passes through the unit, reducing running costs and greenhouse gas emissions substantially. Add to this its compact size which allows it to be installed almost anywhere, and you have the most technologically advanced hot water system available today.

The range is available in 16L (6.2 star), 20L (6.1 star) or 26L (6.1 star) variants supplied in a neutral Dune colour. Temperature presets of 50°C or 60°C are also available.

When installing a Rinnai continuous flow unit in a new home or renovation, consider including a recess box –allowing the pipe work, powerpoint and hot water system to be recessed into the cavity of the wall saving precious outdoor space. Rinnai has 2 types of recess boxes for our Builders Series water heaters.

Lockable Recess Box
Manufactured from sturdy aluminium with an inbuilt bracket for locking (via padlock), a Rinnai Lockable Recess Box protects the water heater from theft whilst also providing the benefits of a recessed installation. One model recess box suits B16, 20 and 26.

Smartbox® Recess Box
The Smartbox® can be installed in any application; including brick and weatherboard homes. Manufactured from tough ABS plastic material, Rinnai’s Smartbox® has been purposely designed to be light-weight, easy to handle, durable and safe to install. The box cover is supplied in a neutral Dune colour and can be painted to blend into any home colour scheme. One model recess box suits B16, 20 and 26.

Pipe Covers
Pipe Covers can be easily attached to all Rinnai continuous flow units to cover the pipes, valves and external power point as an alternative to the recess box; providing a clean and smooth finish to the installation. Two Pipe Covers can be joined together to hide longer pipe work under the unit if required.

Security Bracket
Secure your investment with Rinnai’s quick and easy to install security bracket. This simple bracket will assist in the protection of any Rinnai continuous flow model from theft when it is located in an exposed area. The bracket fits over the wall mounting bracket covering the holes where the unit is secured to the wall. A standard padlock and key is required (purchased separately).

Model B16 B20 B26
Bathrooms 1 1-2 2 +
Installation External External External
Gas Energy Rating 6.2 6.1 6.1
Heating Capacity L/Min (raised at 25ºC) 16 20 26
Height 530 530 530
Width 350 350 350
Depth 194 194 194
Weight 15kg 15kg 16kg
Gas Input (High) 125MJ/h 160MJ/h 199MJ/h
Cold water connection (mm) 15 (1/2”) 20 (3/4”) 20 (3/4”)
Hot Water Connection (mm) 15 (1/2”) 20 (3/4”) 20 (3/4”)
Gas Connection (mm) 20 (3/4”) 20 (3/4”) 20 (3/4”)
Minimum/Max Flow L/Min 2.4/20 2.4/24 2.4/26
Factory Pre-set Temperature (°C) 50/60 50/60 50/60
Colour Dune Dune Dune
Ignition Direct electronic ignition with automatic flame sensing
Gas Type NG / LPG
Electrical Supply AC 240V 50 Hz (10 amp weatherproof power point)
Water Controllers Up to 4 Water Controllers can be installed
Heat Exchanger Warranty* 10 years
Parts and Labour Warranty* 3 Years (5 Years if two or more Water Controllers are installed in domestic applications)

Technical Manual

  • Quality Japanese design and manufacturing in Rinnai’s own high tech facility
  • High quality componentry engineered to last
  • Quick connect system for temperature controller cables
  • Puretemp™ temperature stability technology provides PCB controlledand perfectly stable outlet water temperature
  • Superior 6+ star efficiency across the range of 16 – 26 litre units
  • 10 years heat exchanger warranty
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Low flow shower head compatible