Rheem Sunheat

Sunheat systems come in a range of options to suit almost every application and hot water requirement.


Rheem Sunheat

Which system you choose will depend on where you live, which way your home faces, and even the pitch of your roof; so it’s important to talk to your Sunheat distributor to get the right advice.

The Sunheat open circuit system is particularly suited to areas which are frost free, without harsh water and are serviced by town water supplies. Because the sun heats the water directly in the solar collectors, these systems are the most efficient in terms of converting the sun’s energy into hot water.


Sunheat Solar

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Manufactured in Australia, you can have every confidence that your new Sunheat will last. With its vitreous enamel steel tank and high performance solar collectors, a Sunheat solar water heater will be quietly meeting your family’s hot water needs for many years to come.

And don’t worry if the sun isn’t shining, with a Sunheat you get a choice of boosting options; either the inbuilt electric element, or the optional, in-line gas booster. So no matter where you live or what the weather, you will always have hot water.

And it doesn’t have to cost the Earth to replace your existing gas or electric water heater with a Sunheat solar water heater. If you qualify for all the available Federal and State Government rebates and incentives it could be cheaper to convert to solar than to replace your existing heater with a like product.