Rheem Hiline 52H SERIES – Frost Protected

Rheem Hiline® solar hot water heater. Designed for cooler climates and areas with good water quality.


The Rheem Premier Hiline® solar water heater is ideal for cooler climates, prone to frost with good water quality. It’s a great option when ground access is limited as the storage tank and solar collectors are mounted together on the roof.

Model No: 52H180

No Of People Capacity (L) Frost Protected Warranty
1 – 2 180 Yes 7 years on cylinder

Model No: 52H300

No Of People Capacity (L) Frost Protected Warranty
2 – 5 300 Yes 7 years on cylinder

Energy efficient – can save up to 65% to 70% of water heating energy consumption.
Reduces carbon emissions – solar systems can save up to 2.0 to 2.9 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year.
Minimise reliance on fossil fuels and protect yourself against future energy cost increases – take advantage of Australia’s abundant supply of sunlight, and reduce your reliance on expensive, non-renewable gas and electricity.
Complete range – the Rheem solar range includes both split, ground mounted systems and complete roof mounted models in a variety of capacities from 160 – 410 litres.
All weather protection – Rheem Premier® Loline series feature unique, drain-back heat exchange technology, that prevents the solar system from freezing, or overheating during weather extremes.
Booster options – Rheem solar systems are available with electric or gas boosting, providing hot water during cloudy or rainy weather.

Product Specifications

MODEL 596270/2SP








Storage Capacity L 270 270 270 270
Solar Collectors SPA2000 or CSA2007 2 3 2 3
Booster Type Gas – Integrated Gas – Integrated Electric Electric
Boost Capacity L 27L/min 27L/min 125 125
People Per Household 42857 42857 42795 42827
Dimensions & Specifications
Height (A) mm 1787 1787 1775 1775
Width (B) mm 650 650 650 650
Depth (C) mm 890 890 682 682
Weight Empty – Tank kg 165 165 146 146
Weight Full – Tank kg 435 435 416 416
Weight Empty – Solar Collectors kg 100 150 100 150
Weight Full – Solar Collectors kg 108 162 108 162

• Visual Appeal – split systems only require slimline collectors
to be mounted on the roof and feature a ground mounted tank.
This reduces structural load on your roof, and looks better too.
• Available in 270L, 325L and 410L capacities
– a size for every application
• Energy Efficient – cuts energy use by up to 65% to 70%1,2
• Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
• Full Mains Pressure for multiple outlets simultaneously3
• Incorporates automatic electronic controls
• Booster – choice of electric element or 6-star gas boost back
up to provide hot water in any weather condition
• Range of collector options to suit different climate zones. High
performance selective surface collectors also available in zones
3 and 4.
• Eligible for STCs
• 5 Year Warranty