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SA Hot Water™ provide Adelaide with Sales, Service and repairs to all makes and models of electric hot water systems in Adelaide. For same day Installations, hot water changeovers and repairs on electric hot water systems in Adelaide, call SA Hot Water™ on 8444 7320

Electric Hot Water Replacement in S.A.

If you have an Electric hot water system

If you have an existing electric hot water system and you HAVE GAS  on the property, you cannot replace it with the same type of hot water system (conventional electric).

Your hot water replacement options are

  1. 5 star gas hot water system
  2. Solar hot water system
  3. Heat pump hot water system

Note : Rebates and concessions are available when change from electric to a more energy efficient appliance, for more details, call 8444 7320.

If your electric hot water system is installed inside the roof space

If you have an electric hot water system installed inside the the roof space, you can replace it with a conventional electric hot water system up to 250 litres in the same location .

Note : Rebates and concessions are available when change from electric to a more energy efficient appliance, call 8444 7320.

Immersion Element Electric Hot water Heaters

The most common type of electric hot water system heats water via an immersion element which draws power and transmits the heat into the hot water tank. These systems have a surface mounted thermostat which controls the temperature within the tank. This type of hot water system can heat the water via a direct circuit which will heat the water whenever required. The tariff is generally around .36c per KW.

The alternative to this is to heat the water on the off-peak tariff which is much cheaper at around .15c per KW. However, this is only available at night between 11pm and 6 a.m. This means that a larger tank is required to store the heated water and supply the needs of the household until the next heating cycle on the following night. This style of hot water system is available with a single element for general-purpose domestic needs and twin elements for higher domestic demands and commercial applications.

Electric hot water systems all have a 12-month parts and labour warranty, and the tanks can either have a 5 or 10 year warranty. Electric hot water systems are generally the most expensive way of heating water and other alternatives such as gas and solar have much cheaper running costs.

Electric Hot Water Running costs   ( South Australia 2013 )

  • Based on 200l of hot water per day
  • Off peak electric hot water system    $730  / 3.08 tonnes of CO2
  • Direct tariff electric hot water system  $1807  / 3.08 tonnes of CO2

Compare running costs of different hot water systems

Makes and Models of Electric Hot Water Systems in Adelaide

  • Rinnai Hot Water
  • Rheem Hot Water
  • Dux Hot water
  • Edwards Hot Water
  • Vulcan Hot Water
  • Aquamax Hot Water
  • Stiebel Eltron Hot water
  • Quantum Energy Hot water
  • Apricus Hot Water
  • Kelvinator Hot Water
  • Zip Hot Water
  • Beasley Hot Water
  • Chromagen Hot Water
  • Aquaheat Hot Water
  • Gramall Hot Water
  • Ace Hot Water
  • Everhot Hot Water
For all  Electric hot water systems – Sales , Service and spare parts, call SA Hot Water™. Call 8444 7320.

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