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Save up to 80%* of your hot water bill… whatever the weather!

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The Sanden Eco® system is the most energy efficient hot water heat pump currently available.

Buy a Sanden system and receive the highest amount of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) of any currently available hot water heat pump system. These STCs can be used to reduce your purchase price.

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Why purchase a Sanden Eco® Hot Water Heat Pump System?

The advanced design of a Sanden Eco® Hot Water Heat Pump means:

  • Best in class energy efficiency using only 22% of the energy compared to an electric storage hot water system.
  • Innovative technology – up to 50% faster 
heat recovery than other Hot Water Heat Pumps.
  • Use with Off-Peak Electricity for even greater savings.
  • The most STC credits for energy efficiency, giving you a greater discount on the purchase price.
  • Excellent warranties, backed by Sanden’s 30 years of operation in Australia.
  • Split system for ease of installation and near silent operation.

The table shows electricity consumption figures from a Sanden customer, who replaced his conventional electric Rheem Hot Water System with a Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump System, on 4.10.10. He lives in the Sydney Metro area, has a family of 4 people (ie. Husband, Wife & 2 x Children) using hot water and uses Off-Peak Controlled Load 2.

As can be seen, the reduction in usage achieved for the 2010/11 period, versus the same period a year previous, was approx. 80%, while the reduction in $$$ for the same period was 77% and this was despite a change of supplier and a more expensive tariff (ie. increase of 18.7%).









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