Sanden GAUS-160FQS Heat Pump

Sanden GAUS-160FQS Heat Pump. Ideal for Smaller Households.



The Sanden Eco® is the most energy efficient hot water heat pump currently available. When you buy a Sanden heat pump, you receive the highest amount of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) of any currently available hot water heat pump system. These STCs can be used to reduce your initial purchase price. For more information, contact us.

Unlike other hot water heat pumps, the Sanden Eco® system uses a smarter split system where the heat pump unit and stainless steel tank are separately situated. This allows easy on-site handling and installation, as well as providing options for the storage tank location, which can be up to 4 metres away from the heat pump unit.

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Model No. GAUS-160FQS
Height 970mm
Hot Water Outlet & PTR Valve 753mm
Sensor Port 249mm
Cold Water Inlet / Heat Pump Flow 223mm
Diameter 621mm
Weight 29kg
Storage Capacity 160L
Inner Tank Stainless Steel
Water Connections & Settings
Tank Relief Valve Setting (PTR Valve) 700(kPa)
Expansion Control Valve Setting (ECV) 600(kPa)
Maximum Mains Pressure Settings
With ECV 500(kPa)
Inlet Water Operating Pressure 500(kPa)
Adjustable Tempering Valve 1400(kPa)
Hot and Cold Connection Rp 20 (3/4″)
Watermark Licence No. WM-022333
Colour Surfmist & Ironstone Ends
Country of Manufacture Australia
Warranty 15 Years Prorata***
(Excludes WA)

Technical Manual

– up to 50% faster 
heat recovery than currently available Hot Water Heat Pumps.
– Tank size – 160 litres
– High quality, Australian made extra long life stainless steel cylinder.
– Fully insulated to stay warmer longer.
– Mains pressure rated.
– Whisper quiet.
– 160 litre Tank with two installation options (tall with 
a reduced diameter or short with an increased diameter).
– Safety pressure and temperature relief valve supplied.
– 6 year warranty on heat pump unit
– 15 year Warranty on tank