Quantum 150L Heat Pump

Quantum 150L Heat Pump

Quantum Compact 150L Heat Pump Hot Water System. Ideal for Small Households.

With 30 years of development, the Quantum heat pumps do not require a booster element and can operate in ambient temperatures as low as -10ºc.

The Quantum heat pumps take heat from the ambient air and use this energy source to heat the water by using an environmentally friendly refrigerant in the Quantum heat pump evaporator. The refrigerant gas is then compressed which causes the temperature of the gas to increase, which is passed through tubes wrapped around the outside of the water tank and the heat is then transferred to the water inside the tank.

  • 130 Litre(Rated Size)
  • 5 YearCylinder Warranty
  • Vitreous Enamel Cylinder
  • 10 Amps
  • Savings up to 75% on running costs
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Supplies continuous solar hot water-day and night
  • Produces up to 1200 to 1600 litres of hot water per day
  • No electric booster element
  • Easy installation and no roofs panels required
  • Saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Technical Manual


Model Compact 150L
Model Number 150-08AC6-290
Rated Size (Litres) 130
Heating Output (kW) 3.61
Power input (kW) 0.84
COP of heating 4.3
Compressor Rotary
Refrigerant R290
Electrical supply 220-240V/50Hz/1Ph
Ciruit 10 Amps
Water connections 3 slash 4
PTR valve setting 1,000kPa
ECV setting 850kPa
PLV without ECV fitted 500-600kPa
PLV with ECV fitted 350-500kPa
Operating sound level at 1.5M 48dB (A) (*45dB(A)
Dimensions ( Height * Diameter ) 1620 mm x 540mm
Nett (empty) weight 100 kg
Ambient air operating temperature -10 °C to +40 °C
Maximum temperature 70 °C
Water temp setting 60 °C
Hot water production rate L/hr (COP) 72 (4.30)