Kelvinator Thermosiphon KSTE300F2A

Kelvinator Thermosiphon KSTE 300 FTA


Solar electric boosted thermosiphon hot water system with 2 flat panels and a 300L storage tank

  • Hot water compliments of the sun
  • Electric boost for cooler days when there is insufficient heat from the sun
  • Connect to Off Peak 2 power supply for lower energy bills
  • Tank on the roof to free up valuable ground space
  • No pump required
  • Reinforced tempered 4mm glass solar collector panels
  • TiNOx absorbing coating for increased efficiency
  • Full mains pressure

Technical Manual

2 Flat Panel Solar Collectors

–TiNox selective absorbing coated flat panels

–Tempered and reinforced low iron 4mm glass

–Suitable for temperatures down to -5oC (with supplied frost valves fitted)


300L Electric Boosted Tank

–Suitable for a 3-5 person household

–3.6kW boost element

–220-240V/50Hz supply 15A current

–Sacrificial anode

–Y class enamel

–850kPa operating pressure


  • STC rebates available
  • Depend on whether connected to continuous or off peak power
  • May not be claimable if

–panels not orientated correctly

–connected to standard off peak power (not recommended)