Bosch Optiflow Internal

OptiFlow combustion management system
Room sealed appliance
6 star efficiency
Compact, lightweight
Solar compatible water heater
Electronically controlled modulation
Up to 4 optional controllers
50°C compliant models available
3 year parts and labour warranty
12 year heat exchanger warranty


The Bosch OptiFlow Professional Internal is a room-sealed
continuous flow water heater, with fluing flexibility that
allows installation close to the point of use.

Available 12, 16 & 20 litre per minute models.

Room sealed appliance
Inbuilt temperature controller
Electronically controlled modulation
50°C locked models available
6 Star efficiency





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> OptiFlow combustion management system
> Bluetooth enabled appliance
> Compatible with OptiFlow App
> 6 star efficiency
> Compact, lightweight
> Solar compatible water heater
> Electronically controlled modulation
> Up to 3 controllers can be installed in addition to the Bluetooth controller
> 50°C compliant models available
> 3 year parts and labour warranty
> 12 year heat exchanger warranty (part only)