Bosch 21e

Bosch 21e
Gas Hot Water System
1 to 2 Bathrooms
5.56 Star Energy Rating
21 Litre Per Minute
Flow Rate
3 Years
Parts & Labour Warranty
10 Years
Heat Exchanger Warranty
Natural Gas or LPG
External Installation


The all new Highflow range represents the technological pinnacle of water heating. The new electronic series lets you enjoy uncompromised quality, higher capacities and even more temperature controllers.

Bosch Electronic Highflow units are compact, space-saving and easy to install. The Highflow range is designed for maximum energy efficiency and environmental protection, providing a minmum of 5.5+ star performance rating. With a Bosch Highflow you are ensured continuous hot water while saving money and caring for the environment.

The range is available in 17, 21 and now the even higher 26 litre per minute flow rates, to ensure that you never run out of hot water! Additionally, you can now enjoy complete control over your hot water by installing up to four optional temperature controllers. This allows precise control of water temperature throughout the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and en suite. Furthermore, antifrost is a standard feature in this range.

Technical Manual

  • Continuous Flow Hot Water – heated only as required, up to 21 litres/min
  • 5.5+ star energy efficiency rating
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for 2 bathrooms
  • Antifrost as standard
  • 50°C limited models available*
  • External Installation
  • The 21e Highflow model is solar compatible without the need for a solar transfer valve
  • Natural or LP gas available
  • Option of 4 Temperature Controllers which includes:
  • Unique Bath Filling function – alerts you when the desired volume and temperature is reached
  • Digital Display Controllers – including time of day and water temperature
  • Priority switch – will override main controller if safety is threatened
  • Call Button on Controllers – for elderly or disabled requiring assistance in the bathroom
  • Constant Water Temperature – computer controlled
  • Fault Diagnostic Display – in-built computer control checks functions and records any problems
  • Premium Warranties – 10 years on heat exchanger (part only), 3 year warranty on parts and labour