Bosch 13P

1 bathroom homes /single occupant.
Standing pilot light (traditional design) and operation
Continuous flow design
No 240 volt power required
Designed for external installation only
13L/minute capacity
Attractive alternative to storage water heater when no power required


A standing pilot light is maintained throughout the life of the appliance.

Available as an External installation, the Bosch Pilot range provides constant hot water at the turn of a tap, without the need for a power point. Only heating water when required, the range is extremely economical to run.

Bosch 10P-13P-16P hot water systems cannot be installed in South Australia  – See SA Water heater requirements –

The Pilot range is safe and easy to operate – no matches are required to light the appliance.

Bosch Pilot Ignition systems are available in 10, 13 and 16 litre per minute flow rates (10 litre model available in Natural gas (NG) or LP gas. 13 & 16 litre models available in NG only).

Colder Climates

An exogel valve (see Bosch Accessories page) is recommended for areas that drop to 0ºC for short periods.

In areas prone to extended periods of frost and sub-zero temperatures, only Internal HydroPower models, external Highflow models and 32 series models are suitable.

As an option for the cost sensitive customer, Bosch Pilot models offer a low budget alternative, without compromising product quality or performance.  A standing pilot light is maintained throughout the life of the appliance.  The Bosch Pilot range features constant hot water at the turn of a tap, economical running costs and are easy to install

Technical Manual

  • Continuous flow technology
  • Delivers 10 L/min at a 25°C temperature rise
  • Constant, reliable supply of hot water
  • Economical running costs
  • Compact design
  • External installation
  • Available in Natural and LP Gas
  • Comprehensive warranties
  • 2 Years – Parts and Labour
  • 10 Years – Heat Exchanger (part only)