AquaMAX Instant Gas Hot Water

AquaMAX 20& 26 Instant Gas Hot Water Systems

The AquaMAX instant gas hot water heaters offer flexible hot water delivery to any family, big or small. The 26L model delivers a higher flow rate for larger families.

Available in SA Hot Water™ Adelaide the AquaMAX gas hot water systems are tough enough for even the most demanding of households.

With compact external installation, 6 star energy efficiency and a 10 year Heat Exchanger warranty3 the AquaMAX 20 and 26 are perfect for modern Australian living. Great for households with less hot water demand as water is heated only when needed rather than storing heated water. A plumber’s inspection is advised before fitting as gas piping requirements may vary from property to property.

  • 20L or 26L per minute flow rate (at 25°C rise)
  • Natural or LPG Gas
  • 6.0 Star Energy Rating
  • Optional temperature controller
  • 10 Year Heat Exchanger warranty3

Product Brochure

Specifications AquaMAX 20
Number of Bathrooms 1.5-2
Gas Type Natural/LPG
Gas Energy Rating 6.0 Stars
Flow Rate L/min at 25ºC rise 20 L/min
Minimum Operating Flow Rate 2.5 L/min
Nominal Gas Consumption 153 MJ/Hr
Preset Temperature Options 50oC or 60oC
Watermark licence No. WMKA21434
AGA Certificate No. 7306


Specifications AquaMAX 26
Number of Bathrooms 2-2.5
Gas Type Natural/LPG
Gas Energy Rating 5.9 Stars
Flow Rate L/min at 25ºC rise 26 L/min
Minimum Operating Flow Rate 3.0 L/min
Nominal Gas Consumption 199 MJ/Hr
Preset Temperature Options 500C or 600C
Watermark licence No. WMKA00519
AGA Certificate No. 6004