Hot Water Woodcroft, South Australia

Several of our hot water professionals are based close to the Woodcroft area and have dealt with many hot water units in this area. A good proportion of jobs in this area have been the changeover of expensive to run gas systems to more energy efficient gas systems. Also, due to the recent rebates on offer from the government we have installed quite a few heat pump and solar hot water systems. These are providing very cost effective hot water solutions to householders in the areas of Woodcroft,  Reynella, and Morphett Vale.

Many times we have attended to a hot water issue and when comparing the price of a repair versus the benefits of a new high performance system the homeowner has opted for the latter due to the ongoing cost savings these provide.

If you are in Woodcroft,  Reynella, Morphett Vale or surrounding areas we are standing by and ready to assist!

bosch gas hot water at Woodcroft
bosch gas hot water at Woodcroft

If you are having issues with your hot water system such as hot water going cold, pipes leaking, no hot water or any other issue give our guys a call today on (08) 8444 7320 – We’d love to hear from you!  Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

Many of the issues we have encountered in the Woodcroft area are due to age or wear and tear or the homeowner becoming frustrated with ever increasing water heating bills. Sometimes a repair may suffice if the unit has a reasonable lifespan still or is under warranty but otherwise it is usually more viable to settle for a new hot water system.

We can advise on a range of systems to fit within your budget, either gas, heat pump or solar.

Woodcroft’s local hot water experts.

We regularly assist with:

  • unusual temperature swings
  • Very high gas or electricity bills
  • repairing prior faulty workmanship
  • Leaking pipes and joints
  • No hot water!
  • Hot water running going cold in the shower
  • Warranty issues
  • Blocked pipes
  • Leaking tank, lack of pressure
  • Installation of new systems
hot water repair at Reynella
hot water repair at Reynella

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Save big on your energy bills with a new hot water system in Woodcroft

New hot water systems on the market today are far more energy efficient than even those available five years ago. If your existing system is costing you money in repairs and due to high water heating bills you could consider a more economical type of system. The initial purchase price will be more than offset but the savings in the long term.
We can advise on:

  • six star instant gas systems from Bosch, only delivering hot water when required. No need to pay to keep a large tank of  unnecessary water hot!
  • Innovative technology heat pumps. We are proud suppliers of Sanden heat pumps, Woodcroft’s quietest and most efficient heat pumps.
  • If you wish to keep your electric system we can advise on Off-Peak Electricity for even greater savings.
  • The most STC credits for a hot water rebate, giving you a greater discount on the purchase price. We handle the paperwork for you!
  • Excellent warranties on all our systems.
  • Split system solar or heat pump for ease of installation and near silent operation.

Or why not consider a solar hot water system which provides free hot water from the sun?

Ready to work with SA Hot Water?

Give us a call (08) 8444 7320

  • Guaranteed prompt service. Tradies nearby!
  • Clean & tidy tradesmen
  • Same day repair and fix
  • We’ll save you thousands on your new system
  • Best prices in Adelaide on new Bosch hot water systems
  • Professional advice and quotations on new systems
  • Highly equipped vans
  • Fast hot water system replacements.
  • Friendly family run business
gas hot water pipework at Woodcroft
gas hot water pipework at Woodcroft

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