Hot Water Mount Barker, South Australia

SA Hot Water are your first choice for  hot water systems in Mount Barker.  If you are looking for a new system or having isues with your old one, we’ve got you covered. We are a family business and have been around for over over 25 years. We have vast experience in hot water systems and particularly recommend economical natural gas or solar hot water systems for the Mount Barker area due to the increased efficiency of these systems, providing you with considerable cost savings.

Mount Barker is a city in South Australia. Located approximately 33 kilometres from Adelaide city centre, it is home to around 19,000 residents. It is the District Council of Mount Barker, the largest town in the Adelaide Hills, and one of the fastest growing areas in the state.

Mount Barker lies at the base of the peak called the Mount Barker summit, 50 kilometres from the Murray River. Mount Barker was traditionally a farming area, and many of the blocks just outside the town area are farming lots, although some of them have been used for housing developments in recent years.

electric hot water replacement before
Electric hot water replacement Mount Barker - Before
electric hot water replacement after
Electric hot water replacement Mount Barker - After

In 2003, largely due to concerns that Adelaide’s urban sprawl was encroaching onto surrounding farmlands, the then State Planning Minister Jay Weatherill made a commitment to contain the expansion of Mount Barker.

In 2008 a group of five developers sought the rezoning of 1,300 hectares (3,200 acres) of prime agricultural land in order to build an additional 7,700 new homes which would increase the population of Mount Barker from 10,258 to around 35,000. The land included 40 hectares (99 acres) rezoned to light industry in order to provide jobs for the new population

If you are having problems with your hot water system such as patchy hot water, hot water cutting out, getting too hot, leaky pipes or any other issue give our friendly local team a call today on (08) 8444 7320 – We’d love to hear from you!  Your satisfaction is of the highest priority to us.

Many of the issues we have encountered in the Mount Barker area are due to water pressure issues due to the elevation of the town. In addition to hot water services we also provide general plumbing solutions and can remedy any pressure or pipework issues. While these can often be repaired we are increasingly asked for a new energy efficient system due to the cost savings on the power bill this will provide.

We can advise on a range of systems to fit within your budget, either gas, heat pump or solar.

Mount Barker’s local hot water experts.

We regularly assist with:

  • temperature fluctuations
  • Unusually high gas or electricity bills
  • Hot water repairs and maintenance
  • New pipework and systems
  • No hot water!
  • Hot water running out while you still need it
  • Install of new systems in new developments
  • Leaking tank and lack of pressure
  • Supply of new hot water heaters
  • General plumbing issues
new gas hot water at Mount Barker
new gas hot water at Mount Barker

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Save money with an energy efficient hot water system in Mount Barker

New hot water systems are far more efficient and economical to run than the old ones they replace. We can advise on a range of systems according to your budget but particularly favour heat pumps or solar hot water for this area due to the cost savings they provide in the longer term. Despite the relatively high initial purchase and installation costs these systems save money (and are eco-friendly) in the long run by being cheaper to run. We regularly supply and install:

  • High efficiency Sanden heat pumps. We are proud suppliers of Mount Barker’s’s quietest and most affordable heat pumps.
  • We can advise on Off-Peak Electricity for even greater savings if you wish to keep your existing electric system.
  • The most STC credits for a hot water rebate, giving you a greater offset on the purchase price.
  • Excellent multi year warranties on all our systems. We don’t use inferior brands that don’t last the distance.
  • Split system solar or heat pump for ease of installation and near silent operation.
  • 6 star natural gas hot water systems

Or why not save money with a Rheem solar hot water system which provides free hot water from the sun?

Sanden Heat Pump at Mount Barker
Sanden Heat Pump at Mount Barker

Need hot water help?

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  • Guaranteed fast service
  • Professional and insured tradesmen
  • Same day system repairs and maintenance where possible
  • Cost effective new systems with great warranties
  • Best prices in Adelaide on Sanden heat pumps
  • Professional friendly advice and quotations
  • Local tradies
  • New systems installed fast
  • Friendly family run business

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