COVID-19 Pandemic

The novel Coronavirus COVID-19 is a threat unlike any other in our lifetimes. Originating in the wet markets of Wuhan, China where it has rapidly spread worldwide with devastating consequences. Coronaviruses are common in animals, particularly bats, and it is thought the virus has transferred from bats to animals to humans in the Wuhan markets.

“All viruses are bits of genetic code bundled inside a collection of lipids and proteins, which can include a fat-based casing known as a viral envelope.” and “Soap works so effectively because its chemistry pries open the coronavirus’s exterior envelope and cause it to degrade. ” (source:National Geographic)

In line with Government advice we are being urged to wash our hands regularly with soapy water for at least 20 seconds in order to break down the virus. This is in addition to other measure like social distancing, working from home and to avoid touching our faces.

It has been shown washing with soap and cold water is almost as effective as soap and hot water. The key being “almost”. The U.S Food Code (page 444) issued by the Food and Drug Administration U.S. Public Health Service states “Research has shown a minimum 10-15 second scrub is necessary to remove transient pathogens from the hands and when an antimicrobial soap is used, a minimum of 15 seconds is required. Soap is important for the surfactant effect in removing soil from the hands and a warm water temperature is important in achieving the maximum surfactant effect of the soap.”

So there you have it. Hot water lathers better than cold and it is the lathering action that is effective against COVID-19. And who wants to wash in cold water anyway?

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Stay well. Stay safe. Stay home. But call us out if you need us.

COVID-19 handwashing
COVID-19 handwashing2
COVID-19 handwashing
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