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  1. How do I use this CD ?
  2. Where can I find Conversion instructions ?
  3. Why doesn't the CD contain information for earlier models ?
  4. Where can I get the spares I require ?

How do I use this CD ?

From the front page, click the model that you require information about. You will be presented with a drawing of the cover section of the particular unit. There is a navigation bar at the upper left of the screen. Click on the area you are interested in and the drawing will change to suit.

Click on the position number of the part you require and the part number(s) will show up underneath the navigation bar.

There will also be a link to a parts list underneath the part numbers, if you click the link the centre panel will have a drawing with a parts listing below.

To return to searching for parts, click on the navigation bar again.

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Where can I find conversion instructions ?

This CD does not contain instructions or parts lists to convert the water heaters.

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Why doesn't the CD contain information for the earlier model water heaters ?

The CD contains information for the majority of the water heaters that are currently installed. Any other information can be obtained from Robert Bosch (Aust) on 1300 307 037

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Where can I get the spare parts I require ?

If you don't have a trading account with Robert Bosch (Australia) you can obtain the spare parts from most large plumbing supplies using the part numbers from this CD.

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